CMC Scholarships

The Congregational Methodist Church recognizes the need for our pastors and lay persons to have access to opportunities for furthering their education in pursuit of religious studies.  Members of the CMC who have a call to any form of christian ministry can now apply to receive one of our new scholarships.  Ordination, Pastoral and Missions, & Leadership Scholarships are available.

There are limited number of scholarships awarded each year, and scholarships must be applied for annually.


Ordination and Pastoral and Missions Scholarships - Overview and Description: 

The Congregational Methodist Church Pastoral and Missions Scholarship Fund has been established to award scholarships to members of the Congregational Methodist Church seeking to further their education in pastoral ministries, biblical studies, missions, and ordination training. 

Initial Goals:

  • Award up to four one-thousand-dollar scholarships annually to Congregational Methodist Students enrolled in eligible college programs focused on pastoral ministries, biblical studies, or missionary training.  
  • Award up to one thousand dollars annually in scholarship credits to Congregational Methodist ministerial candidates seeking ordination training through the Fowler Bible Training Institute or CMC Home Study Course Program.



Presidential Scholarship - Overview and Description:

The Congregational Methodist Church Office of the President has established the CMC Presidential Scholarship Fund to award scholarships to qualifying members of the Congregational Methodist Church seeking to further their collegiate level education in leadership studies as a way to impact the professional workforce through Christian principals.

Initial Goals:

Award up to three thousand dollars annually in scholarships to students enrolled in college programs focused on Christian Leadership in the church and the professional workforce.